Vacation Headaches – A BCBlog Editorial by the CBG

Hello coffee enthusiasts,

Hopefully everyone managed to make it through our vacation week unscathed. Although the brief break from our usual craziness was amazing, we are very pleased to be right back to work. Before we move on from the vacation thought, I thought it would be interesting to discuss just how much goes into making the decision to take a vacation week. As our Dad always says, preparation is the key to success, and that thought is never more prevalent than when a small business is planning on taking a week off throughout the year.

To start, I’d like to just point out a few tasks that go into planning an absent week. Contacting all of our distributors to let them know we won’t be receiving deliveries, adjusting our hours on Google to appear as temporarily closed, creating posts on social media and fliers around the shops to alert our customers, changing all of our signs, preparing a new schedule for when we return, setting up the weekly payroll, fulfilling invoices on an abnormal schedule, and of course prepping our machinery to be turned off for a week is just a taste of the pre-vacation fun. That list may seem a bit daunting, but it’s nothing compared to the tasks that need completed when we return.

The Sunday we return from vacation is probably the toughest day of the year for Laurel. We spend a week relaxing and enjoying family time, and then she’s thrown right back into the baking world with a tall order of every item we offer for both shops. This year, she was baking non-stop from 7:30am-9:30pm and we still weren’t fully caught up. The big baking day truly is all hands on deck, and it’s always a nice reminder of how much she puts into our business on a daily basis.

If the known preparation that goes into the family vacation was all that we had to deal with, I’m sure it would be a breeze. It’s the unknown issues that inevitably pop up that always makes it a bit of a struggle. This year for instance, was the year of the fridge malfunctions. Upon setting up both shops on Sunday, we were welcomed home to one malfunctioning refridgerator at each location. The probability of one fridge dying on us is small, but two fridges at once? That’s just unheard of. Thankfully we didn’t lose any product because we had them cleared out and turned off during our hiatus, but it certainly added a little extra stress to our inevitable return.

After reading all of this, I hope you guys have a better understanding of what all goes into our week off. It truly isn’t all just fun and games, but every year we make sure to put in the preparation so that we can make it possible. All of the vacation headaches are worth it when we’re sharing some quality time as a family, but now you can see that we truly mean it when the phrase “It’s good to be back” is thrown around.


Until next time,

-Your CBG

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