The Importance of Vacation – A BCBlog Editorial by the CBG

Hello coffee enthusiasts,

First off, I want to apologize for this entry being a day late. Instead of spending a portion of yesterday writing this entry like I typically would every other Wednesday, I was very busy enjoying the beautiful Independence Day, so I thought I’d hold off writing this post until today. As for this post, I thought you guys would enjoy hearing a little more about our annual family vacation, since it’s coming up in three days. The week off after July 4th has become a holiday in itself here at BCB, and there’s definitely some reasoning behind why we take this break every year.

To begin the explanation behind our annual hiatus, I will have to start way back when Laurel and I were just little kids. Our grandparents owned an antique shop down in Avalon New Jersey, so every year our family would go down and spend a week with them at the shore. This beach week was something we looked forward to every year, and it’s a tradition we decided not to give up after starting our own business.

For anyone that isn’t familiar with Avalon NJ, it’s a small island nestled between Sea Isle and Stone Harbor. Avalon is a perfect family vacation spot, and some of Laurel and I’s fondest memories as kids can be credited to this vacation destination. Spending time on the beach, crabbing, fishing, eating out, shopping, and exploring NJ are just a few of the activities our family looks forward to enjoying every year. We have become good friends with the owners of an ice cream shop that was located right beside our grandparent’s antique shop, Sundae Best, and it is a necessity to stop in multiple times during our week down there. The reason I bring up this ice cream shop specifically is because it has had a major influence on our business as a whole.

You see, Laurel and I actually lived down in Avalon for a summer back before the dream of owning our own coffee shop was a reality. During our time as Avalon residents, we both took jobs scooping ice cream at Sundae Best. This is where my love for customer service was born, and it’s also where I learned a great deal about small business in general. Seeing Sundae Best’s owner hard at work making their home-made ice cream late into every evening may have deterred some people away from the thought of owning their own small business. This was not the case for Laurel and I. We inadvertently learned how difficult this journey would be way back before we could have even imagined being in the position we are now. This thought goes to show that you can really pull inspiration from anywhere, and it’s funny how thankful we both are for the opportunity we were given many years ago to simply scoop ice cream at Sundae Best.

Obviously I hold Sundae Best in the highest regard, and encourage everyone to go check them out if you’re ever in the vacation area of New Jersey. It is important to remember where you come from, so this is truly why we make a point to visit Avalon once a year. Without the experience we gained from working at Sundae Best, I truly believe our lives would be very different at this time. Laurel and I greatly appreciate all of our loyal customers acceptance of this, and we can’t wait to get back to work on July 16th.

Until next time,

-Your CBG

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