It’s Always Tea Time – A BCBlog Editorial by the CBG

Hello coffee enthusiasts,

Today I would like to focus in on a category of our menu that often gets overlooked, our assorted loose-leaf teas. We offer a variety of tea here at BCB, and it comes in a few different forms. This is the perfect time to discuss our variety of teas, because who doesn’t love a nice glass of iced tea to get them in the mood for warmer weather. As I try to stay optimistic that summer is finally around the corner, let’s talk tea.

Now, I am well aware of the fact that loose-leaf tea isn’t everyone’s “cup of tea”, sorry for that, but I hope you guys will hear me out on this one. We offer seven different flavors of tea on a daily basis, and may be committing to offering a seasonal option soon as well. The set seven include Irish Breakfast, Ginger Peach, Earl Grey Moonlight, Masala Chai, Gunpowder Green, Peppermint, and Decaf Ceylon. Our tea is also offered in three different forms: hot, iced, and frozen, which may be news to even our most loyal customers. Since warm weather is coming, and we usually use the cold varieties when it comes to creating our seasonal drinks, I’m going to focus in on our iced and frozen options today.

We like to keep Iced Tea pretty simple here at BCB. First our customers choose which flavor option they would like, and then they choose if they would like that sweetened or not. The fun part about iced tea is the ability to add different flavored syrups to them. A few of the seasonal iced teas that we offer over the summer are Sweet Tea, Cherry Green Tea, Blueberry Green Tea, and Ginger Double Peach Tea.

Frozen teas may seem a little strange to some people, but as a non-tea drinker myself, I have to admit that our Tea Frappes are amazing. By substituting any of our loose-leaf teas for coffee in a vanilla frappe, we are able to offer a great frozen alternative to our array of coffee options. To give you guys a more relatable reference, Tea Frappes are kind of like vanilla milkshakes with a background tea flavor. If anyone is interested in trying one, I would personally suggest the Earl Grey Moonlight or Ginger Peach options.

Overall, tea is a very important aspect of our drink menu. Our tea options offer a variety of different drinks for the people out there who may not love coffee as much as we do, or simply want a vacation from their daily coffee intake. I encourage everyone to branch out and give our tea options a try someday, because I promise the coffee will be here for your next visit if it is too aggressively missed.


Until next time,
-Your CBG

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