Tea Frappe Season is Coming – A BCBlog Editorial by the CBG

Hello coffee enthusiasts,

With July quickly approaching, I would like to focus in on a seasonal drink that we offer here at BCB that is very unique. The Tea Frappe provides a different aspect to our menu that really caters to all of the non-coffee people out there. It took me a while to perfect, but overall, the Tea Frappe is a great alternative to the typical coffee-based drinks we have to offer.

So some of you guys might be wondering, what inspired the Tea Frappe? It all started about two years ago, on an abnormally hot summer day, when we had a customer ask if BCB had any other cold options for tea besides iced. Unfortunately at the time, the simple answer was no, but naturally I took that as a challenge. I really dislike being put into situations where we can’t accommodate anything a customer might want, so I took it upon myself to try to create a frozen variety of tea. After quite a lot of trial and error, the Tea Frappe was born.

Making a Tea Frappe is honestly a pretty simple process. Just like for our Iced Tea, we start by steeping a designated amount of tea for three minutes. After that, we combine the perfectly steeped tea in a blender with ice, and a specific powder that we get in called the “Classic White”. Once the drink is thoroughly blended, we top it with whipped cream, to round out the frozen coffee alternative. Essentially Tea Frappes are kind of like vanilla milkshakes with a hint of tea flavor.

For anyone interested in trying one, our “Earl Grey Moonlight” loose-leaf tea is a great place to start. Since the “Moonlight” literally stands for the hint of vanilla in the tea itself, it pairs very well with the “Classic White Powder”. My personal favorite Tea Frappe would probably be made with our Ginger Peach Tea, but I’ve heard multiple people really enjoy our Peppermint Tea in Frappe form.

Overall, I think the Tea Frappe is something everyone should try at least once. Coming from someone who loves their coffee, and isn’t much of a tea fan, I can personally say that the Tea Frappe is a refreshing summer staple at BCB. It isn’t a BCB July without Tea Frappes, so I urge everyone to break out of their comfort zones and give this seasonal drink a try next month.


Until next time,

-Your CBG

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