Hello coffee enthusiasts,

Today I would like to discuss something that is a big part of most businesses, but often can get overlooked. With the holidays quickly approaching, now is the perfect time to bring up this topic, and hopefully get some of our loyal customers’ opinions on it. The topic of discussion for today is merchandise. Merchandising is something that BCB has done a little bit in the past, but would like to get more into in the near future. The problem is there are so many different avenues that we could go for getting different merchandise in, so that’s why I’d love to hear some feedback on some of the ideas I will be presenting.

So first off, some of you may be wondering why merchandise is important for any business. Not only is it a great marketing tool, it also can save you expenses, and gain your business more exposure. An obvious example would be if a business sells t-shirts. When a customer buys a shirt, obviously the business is making a small profit on it, but the big value is the exposure that can be gained every time that individual wears the shirt. You never know who would be in contact with the person in the shirt, so returns on that investment can manifest very rapidly. Another good example for coffee shops specifically is to-go cups. Not only are to-go cups also great marketing tools, but anytime a repeat customer uses the to-go cup that they bought, it saves the business the expense of the cup they would typically need to have provided.

In the past, BCB has stuck to a few key staples when it comes to offering merchandise. We’ve offered tumblers, hot and cold to-go cups, mugs, and T-shirts. All of these items have sold fairly well, especially around holiday time. As you can see, these are great investments for us for multiple different reasons, but the real question lies with the possible items that wouldn’t be as obvious. Around holiday time every year, I always ask myself the same questions when it comes to potential merchandise opportunities. Would people buy BCB hats? How about BCB bandanas? Cool BCB pens? Unique BCB mugs or french presses? What about BCB blankets or lounge pants? BCB scarves or tank-tops? BCB coasters? Or even BCB flags or car magnets?

Obviously the possibilities are virtually endless. The long list of potential options all present less opportunity value than the shirts or to-go cups, but we would certainly commit if we had some more pressure to do so. Please feel free to reach out and let us know if any of those other options sound like something you would be interested in buying. Overall our plan is to start introducing a new item or two every once and a while, so I hope everyone enjoyed learning a little bit about BCB merchandising. I look forward to hearing some of our loyal customers’ thoughts on where we could go from here.


Until next time,

-Your CBG