Hello coffee enthusiasts,

Today I would like to discuss an on-going debate that Laurel and I have been circling back to for years. There is a lot of potential for offering the variation of the specific menu item that the title clearly states, but the cons have always out-weighed the pros so far. The reason I would like to bring this up now is because it was discussed between us once again with the new year coming around, and I’d love to hear some feedback from you guys and see if there’s any interest out there for this item. The Meat Quiche is truly an interesting item, so let’s get right into it.

I’m sure a majority of our loyal customers are familiar with BCB’s Crustless Spinach Quiche. It is our only quiche offering at this time, and it is one of our most popular food items on the menu. We’ve started receiving more and more catering orders for our quiche, which is really where the meat quiche idea came into play. We typically offer a Meat Quiche as an alternative to the Spinach variety when someone is looking to order multiple quiches for a party or event, so we’ve been discussing the possibility of offering it full time more than ever recently. Unfortunately there are still a few hold-ups that keep us from jumping in on this just yet.

One of the major negatives to offering a Meat Quiche is refrigerator space. We’re constantly fighting to keep up with the demand of our products by utilizing the limited fridge space that we have. Another main negative is the question of where the meat quiche customers would come from. We don’t think that many of our regular quiche people would be eager to jump over to the meat variety, so that means it could potentially take away from some of our Breakfast Sandwich people. Overall that wouldn’t be a huge concern, as long as we would be selling enough Meat Quiche to make it worth while. Lastly it’s the time and effort that would go into the new item. Just as a reference for you guys, we sold 81 slices of Crustless Spinach Quiche between both shops during the first week of December. I honestly randomly picked that week, so the average could be even more than that.

Overall I think we simply need a little more pressure from our customers to commit to offering Meat Quiche on a daily basis. We’ve had a few people here and there that mentioned it over the past few years, but not enough to make it a priority. If a sausage, bacon, and cheese quiche is something you’d be interested in trying from us, please reach out through email or on Facebook to let us know. I know I’ve had it at a gathering or two myself, and I feel like it could be a really great addition to our menu. I look forward to hearing some of you guys’ thoughts on this.


Until next time,

-Your CBG