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Hello coffee enthusiasts,

On this beautiful Valentine’s Day I thought I would dedicate this post to all of the things that we here at BCB love. Don’t worry, I’m not going to write an in-depth analysis on why we love coffee, pastries, etc. That should be fairly obvious by now, and wouldn’t make for an interesting entry, in my opinion. Instead, I’m going to focus on all of the aspects of our business that I love, and also a few of the many local businesses that we love for helping us keep things running so smoothly. Valentine’s Day is a holiday most notably associated with love, so I hope you guys love this holiday-themed post.

There are simply too many lovable aspects of our business to list in one blog post, so I’d like to focus in on two. The first part of our business that I love dearly is our staff. Each one of our employees is very unique in their own way. This diversity helps keep things very interesting on a day-to-day basis, but they do all share one thing in common. That one shared trait is their passion for our business. Whether they are simply making some extra cash and experience as they prepare for their true callings, or are looking to turn this part-time opportunity into a life-long career, all of our employees truly care about the service we are attaining to provide. That common drive to provide the best service possible is something that I’m very proud to have on our team. It also leads me to the second thing I love about our business.

The second aspect of our business that I love is our vision in general. We truly feel that we are providing a service that this community needs. By utilizing our drive-thru at both locations, we are able to service the business-class in a way that allows them to enjoy quality products on a daily basis. We here at BCB believe that every individual deserves the option of home-made items, no matter what their busy schedule is like. I love this aspect of our business because we are able to fill a unique demand by challenging ourselves to provide our services as efficiently as possible. This challenge would not be attainable without some help from our colleagues, who we are truly thankful for.

Once again, it would take up way too much time to write out all of the businesses that we rely on, so I’m just going to focus in on a few for this final love list. Elementary Coffee Co is a huge contributor to our business. Not only did Andrea, their owner, work for us for a short time back during our inception, but she also supplies us with espresso and cold brew. It’s very nice to have a close connection with someone who has such a large knowledge of coffee, so we really love Elementary.

Lancaster County Coffee Roasters are another big contributor for our business. We rely on them to supply us with all of the coffee we provide to our customers, and they’re also great when it comes to advice on machinery. MASK-ET Services is always one call away whenever our coffee machinery breaks-down, so we also love the service that they provide.

We have been using Mid Penn Bank for a few years now, and have nothing but praise for their constant professionalism. Not only do they handle all of our banking, but MPB also likes to team up with us from time to time to give back to our customers. Bagel Lovers is another business that we love, simply because their service allows us to provide the best bagels around based off of the fact that they deliver to us daily, ensuring the freshest possible product.

Lastly, I would like to mention our love for the West Shore Chamber of Commerce. They truly have been a great source of networking for BCB. We’ve made countless connections through our membership, and their president likes to treat the office to breakfast sandwiches from time to time, which is just icing on the cake if you ask me.

Overall, BCB has a lot to love on this Valentine’s Day. We’re very thankful for everyone that contributes to our business, and we encourage all of our customers to support their businesses as well. I hope everyone has a lovely Valentine’s Day, and make sure to spread the love!


Until next time,

-Your CBG

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