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Hello coffee enthusiasts,

For this entry, I want to talk about the influence of music on BCB. Let me start off by stating that coffee, music, and art all go hand-in-hand. There are a lot of similarities between all three facets of expression, and music is a very important part of the coffee scene. Whether we’re talking about live shows at coffee shops, or just the choice of what music a shop decides to play, music plays a pivotal role in creating a shops identity. I want to explore this idea today and run through our thought process on what music we choose to play. Hopefully by the end of this entry everyone will have a better understanding of our musical identity.

So what is generic “Coffee Shop Music”? If I asked this question to 100 different people, I’m sure a majority of them would have correlating positions on genres. Anything between instrumental, to acoustic, singer-songwriter types of music. I’m sure the occasional smooth jazz or “elevator” music could be mixed in here too. These genres are perceived as a good choice of music for coffee shops in general because of their relaxing nature. There are even stations on popular internet radio providers like Pandora or Spotify that are literally titled “Coffee Shop Music”. If anyone decides to tune in to one of these, they better have a pillow ready. It’s almost as if these radio providers assess the quality of a coffee shop eligible song based strictly off of its ability to lull the listener to a peaceful sleep. As exciting as that sounds, I don’t necessarily agree with that concept fitting our shops.

As our working-class demographic of people slowly started to immerge, I quickly realized that we needed to break away from the mundane, sleep-inspiring music. After discussing this with Laurel, I started asking around to some of our staff members to see if they had any suggestions. By implementing a lot of influence from them, we were able to create a playlist that showcases a wide variety of music, hand-selected by our team. At any given time either one of our locations could be playing classic rock, iconic jazz, alternative swing, soul, punk rock, new-age jazz, or anything in-between. The typically more up-beat style of our music helps people get up and moving in the early morning and perfectly embellishes our modernly-friendly attitude.

As for the live music side, this is something we’ve gone back and forth about for years. Obviously with our hours only being 6am-3pm, introducing live music would require extending hours into the evening a few times a week. We’ve recently been re-visiting this idea because of an awesome opportunity that was granted to us for this coming August. Scott Patterson, the actor that portrayed Luke Danes in the hit show “Gilmore Girls”, is coming to Brew Crumberland’s Best August 2nd and 3rd to play two live shows with his band. This is going to be our first installment of an extended hours, acoustic music situation, and we might want to make it a more permanent idea if the events go well.

I’d love to hear everyone’s opinion on the live music idea, so feel free to reach out and let me know what you think. Obviously there is a lot of thought that goes into every small detail of our business, and I hope by reading this it is clear to see that music is something we didn’t overlook.


Until next time,

-Your CBG

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