Informally Not Uniform – A BCBlog Editorial from the CBG

Hello coffee enthusiasts,

Today I’d like to get right to the point. Did anyone ever notice that we don’t wear uniforms at BCB? As I was sitting here typing out an enlightening blog post this morning, you know, my usual every-other Wednesday morning activity, that thought dawned on me and I just couldn’t shake it. Instead of hanging on to the uniform debate until next time, I realized that holding out this information just wouldn’t be fair to all of my loyal fans out there who could be dying know my stance on uniforms and why BCB doesn’t support them. So without further ado, let’s get into it.

You see, uniforms are a very interesting debate. I’ll admit, there was a time where we actually considered getting something made for our business. Whether it would be “staff shirts”, a full-blown uniform, or even just some nice aprons, there are plenty of possibilities out there. Any of these choices would provide a great sense of unity to our team at both locations, and we could even get name-tags and visors to really make us official. It all sounds like a beautiful investment for our business, and I’m sure you guys are now wondering why we haven’t committed yet. Well I’ll tell you why, I hate the concept of team unity.

Yes I said it, team unity is dumb. Just the thought of the reaction I would get out of some of our employees if they were told to wear a visor every day is actually very entertaining to imagine. You see, we have a lot of big personalities here at BCB, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I don’t want a team of robots all dressed the same way just agreeing with every single thing they’re told to do and following directions perfectly. That sounds so terribly boring and dull, not to mention very stagnant. The way I see it, if none of your employees are willing to ask questions and voice their own opinions in this industry, then you are dooming yourself to only having one mind on any problem. I personally think trapping our team in a uniform would be the first step towards a loss of individuality, which would eventually lead to a lack of interjection on a daily basis. It is our employee’s opinions and ideas that I refer to the most when making any decisions, and it is also all of their influences which truly have shaped BCB into what it is today.

Instead, what we have here at BCB is a staff of unique individuals, who are happy to express their personalities on a day-to-day basis. If we were to ever implement some form of unity to our team, it would probably be aprons. Aprons would be a decent compromise since they still allow a small amount of personal style underneath, but the only way that would ever happen would be if the decision was unanimous. So I think it’s safe to presume that you will not be seeing BCB aprons anytime soon.

Send us a message and let me know what you guys think about my stance on uniforms. I find it fascinating how many people must disagree, or didn’t put any real thought into it, based off of how many places use them. Hopefully everyone has a better understanding of why we don’t enforce uniforms on our staff after reading this post. I promise they’re all intelligent enough to dress themselves, so we let them.


Until next time,

-Your CBG

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