The Importance of Location – A BCBlog Editorial by the CBG

Hello coffee enthusiasts,

Today I’d like to talk a little bit about a very important aspect of any business, the location. I’m sure we’re all familiar with the old real-estate cliché, location, location, location, but the location of a small business is arguably the most important decision that needs to be made by a future business owner, after the decision to actually start a business is made of course. I can not stress enough how important location is for any business, but especially a business in the coffee industry. The location of Bridge Street Coffee House was one of the main selling points for Laurel so many years back, and when it came time to look into expanding to a second shop, I spent months researching and planning out the best opportunity for the next installment of BCB Enterprises. The concerning part is that even great businesses can easily fail if the location isn’t exactly right.

When it comes to choosing the location for our first coffee shop, Laurel got pretty lucky. At that time in her life, she knew what she wanted to do, but it was very fortunate that Bridge Street Coffee House was available. Obviously there’s always a risk when starting a new business, but with all of the Bridge Street traffic flowing into Harrisburg every morning, it seemed like a great opportunity. When it came to committing to Rossmoyne for our second location, we also found ourselves in a very fortunate situation. Rossmoyne had all of the non-negotiable necessities that we were looking for at that time, and it aligned perfectly with our time frame that Cuppa, the previous coffee shop, was looking to sell. I guess luck plays a factor in finding the perfect location, but like most things in life, we had to stick to our checklist.

So what is a good business location checklist? I’m sure any type of business would have an idea of what they’re looking for that could vary from ours, but I like to think there are probably some similarities as well. Based off of our business model and the industry that we’re in, there were multiple factors that needed to fit into a potential location outside of just the generic “lots of traffic” or “easily accessible”. For instance, the demographic of people that would pass by. After the success with the business class that we found at Brew Crumberland’s Best, we focused in on that with BCB Rossmoyne, which is litterally in a business park. Having the shops on the right side of the road was another big factor. Obviously the side of the road that our shops are located on depends on which direction you’re heading, but the majority of the morning traffic passes each of our shops with them located on the right side of the road. This wasn’t some funny coincidence, but instead a predetermined necessity that we enforced on our location checklist. Something as simple as trying to set the larger portion of your potential customers up with more convenience by not making them cross through traffic on their daily morning commute is just another example of one of the items on our location checklist.

Overall, I think it’s easy to see how important the location of a business is. This detail is one that can make or break a business, so I hope you guys enjoyed reading about our process. I would have loved to expand more on some of our checklist, but we’re going to keep that to ourselves in case we ever get in a position to go for a third location. Thinking about all of the work that would be required for us to expand to a third shop makes my head spin, but I guess you never know what the future could hold.


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-Your CBG

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