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Hello coffee enthusiasts,

Today I would like to take a moment to explain a key detail about our origin that I’ve never taken the time to elaborate on before. The origin of our name is actually a funny story that’s very near and dear to my heart, since it was my first involvement with our company. Sometimes bright ideas surface on a whim, and this story is a prime example of a “light-bulb” moment that Laurel and I shared together.

The story begins all the way back in May 2014, which truly seems like a lifetime ago at this moment. I had just finished up the final grueling semester of my sophomore year in the Indiana University of Pennsylvania’s business Honors Program, pushing me one step closer to attaining my degree in Marketing and Economics. Since I didn’t have a vehicle up at school, Laurel decided she would make the trip to pick me up for summer break. We always enjoyed road trips together, but neither of us could have imagined how influential this specific road trip would be.

As we approached the inevitable Sheetz stop, which is a necessity when driving to or from Indiana PA, Laurel turned down the music to strike up an interesting conversation. As we caught up a little on each others’ lives, she casually mentioned her plan to leave her position as a baker at The Hotel Hershey to pursue something more. She made her intentions to open a coffee shop clear, and looked for my advice on what to call her new establishment. As many people know, this is a crucial process for any potential business, which typically should take a long period of time and consideration. The funny thing is, the events that lead up to our unique name took a matter of two minutes.

Laurel’s initial thought was to name the future shop “Laurel’s Cafe”. I was immediately relieved that she came to me for advice, because I truly believe that I shot that name down faster than she could spit it out. No offense to any business owners out there who have taken this approach, but I quickly explained to her how impersonal it appears to customers when a business owner just slaps their name on a sign and goes with that. In my opinion, taking that approach also shows a lack of creativity, which I knew Laurel was far from having after spending my whole life growing up with her. I then explained to her that ideally the name should be associated with the local community in someway, have some relation to what the business will provide, and have an ability to be abbreviated. In the moments that followed, I was literally too busy exclaiming the perfect name that just popped into my head to even hear Laurel’s disbelief that it would even be possible to come up with a name that fit that criteria.

Brew Crumberland’s. The name was almost perfect. It showcased our local community, referenced the coffee and pastries in the “Brew” and “Crumb”, and ever stuck a pun in there which we both love so much. The one problem was that I knew the abbreviation “BC” wouldn’t hold much weight. That was the moment Laurel suggested that we throw “Best” at the end to round it out to “BCB”. It was truly an act of teamwork, which gave Laurel a major boost of confidence that this life-altering decision was meant to be.

All together, the name creation process may have took a total of two minutes, but there obviously was a lot of thought that went into it. I hope everyone can appreciate that this is one of the many details of our business that we are very proud of. I hope you guys enjoyed reading this origin story as much as I enjoyed fondly reminiscing on it. No matter how far we take this business, we will never forget where we came from.


Until next time,

-Your CBG

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