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Hello Coffee Enthusiasts,

As the title permits, I’d like to use my blog post today to focus in on a very import part of any coffee shop’s menu. Espresso is a component of many popular drinks, but I’d go out on a limb and guess that there are a lot of people out there that don’t fully understand what espresso is. Seeing as our espresso is very unique, I’d also like to spotlight the espresso that we use and explain a little more information about it. With all of that being said, I better get right to it since I’m getting thirsty just thinking about espresso.

For anyone that simply has no idea what I’m talking about in my opening paragraph, let me give a quick synopsis of what espresso is. Espresso is literally defined as strong black coffee that is made by forcing steam through ground coffee beans. The word espresso is derived from the Italian language, standing for the phrase “to express” or “force out”. A common misconception about espresso is that it is created from specific coffee beans from a special area. This simply is not true, because espresso can technically be made with any origin of beans, they’re just typically roasted darker on average. The only real difference between espresso and regular dripped coffee is the extraction process, and what a difference that makes.

Now, I’m not going to get into all of the specific details for how we here at BCB prepare our espresso, but I will discuss the beans themselves. We use a unique combination of origins that Laurel and I chose specifically for our blend. Hopefully you guys recall that I previously have brought up our friend Andrea over at Elemtary Coffee Co., because she is the brains behind our espresso operation. With her knowledge of all things coffee, we were able to construct our unique blend by the oh so affective process of trial and error. After spending hours test-roasting different combinations on her sample roaster, the three of us came up with the blend that BCB now uses on a daily basis. It is a combination of beans from Ethiopia, Sumatra, and Honduras, if anyone was curious.

One of the other major debates on espresso in the coffee industry is how dark to roast the beans. For a long time espresso was considered to be very dark and bitter. There is a trend coming to fruition in the coffee world where lighter blends seem to be a more popular choice, and that is why we created our unique, lighter blend a year or so ago.

Overall espresso is a very important aspect of our business. Without it, we would merely be stuck offering coffee, tea, and smoothies. It allows us to explore a wide variety of specialty drinks like Lattes, Cappuccinos, Mochas, Americanos, and of course, our signature Caramello. I encourage you to take note to the espresso you’re drinking the next time you order a specialty drink from us. Also, get out there and try other coffee shop’s espresso blends. It’s truly interesting how different peoples’ perspectives on coffee can affect what type of espresso they have to offer.


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-Your CBG

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