The Great Quest to Mingle Coffee and Coca-Cola – BCBlog Editorial from the CBG

With June quickly approaching, I’d like to use today’s blog post to focus in on a very special seasonal drink that we will be offering next month. This drink is near and dear to my heart, because I created it about two years ago on a balmy Sunday afternoon at BCB. Now some of our most loyal fans are probably questioning this, based off of the fact that we weren’t open Sundays back then, but this was no ordinary Sunday. In fact, this was one of the first Sundays that we opened our doors to a catered event. Due to the event’s structure, I found myself with a lot of downtime that I needed to fill in someway, but thankfully I brought a few barista books to nerd out over while I waited for more event goers to come up and place their orders. After paging through all of the intricacies that coffee from different origins have to offer, I stumbled upon a section of the book that outlined how to create different drinks. Now this section had some coffee shop staples like lattes, cappuccinos, etc., but then I found a drink that would spark a curiosity in me that couldn’t be ignored. That drink was the Espresso Cola.

Now you see, before I get further into my story, I’d like to first point out that I wasn’t a huge fan of this particular barista book. I didn’t completely agree with everything the book outlined, and I certainly had read multiple other coffee-premised pieces of literature that were a lot more enlightening. The nice part about the coffee industry is that I’m entitled to my opinion, and there really isn’t anyone that can say that I’m right or wrong. With that being said, my love for Coca-Cola forced me to try this Espresso Cola. The directions promptly stated to actually put espresso shots in the freezer until they were cold, and then add them to Coke. Anyone that knows anything about espresso knows that the crema dissipates within a two-three minute window, causing it to turn rather bitter. Obviously chilling the espresso would expedite this process, so needless to say, I was terribly disappointed with the outcome. I almost gave up on the idea at that point, but I knew there had to be a way to mix the flavors of coffee and Coca-Cola.

After countless trials ranging between adding varying sugar amounts, to using hot and iced coffee, I finally got the mixture to the point of being as good as I thought it was possibly going to be. This Coffee-Cola concoction unfortunately still wasn’t good enough to serve to customers, so I decided to officially move on from the idea all together. As I continued to skim through the remainder of the barista book, something amazing happened. I fell upon a certain drink that gave me the final ingredient that could possibly make my Coffee-Cola truly taste as I imagined. After this last-ditch effort at the final attempt, Coffee-Cola was born in all of its glory. Due to the fact that I have yet to see our drink attempted anywhere else, I will keep this last elusive ingredient a secret.

Deliciously combining Iced Coffee and Coca-Cola into a perfect balance, Coffee-Cola has quickly become a summertime staple here at BCB. If any of you guys haven’t gotten a chance to try it, I urge you to give it a shot someday. Feel free to let me know what you think, or if there’s any way we could improve on this crazy combination.


Until next time,

-Your CBG

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