The Best Cities in the U.S. For Coffee Lovers

Americans love their coffee. In the U.S., we drink about 280.5 million cups of coffee each day, with 64% of Americans drinking more than one cup of coffee a day.

An increasing number of Americans are even enjoying gourmet brews, although most people still drink instant coffee in the morning. If you’re looking for a good place to enjoy your morning up of joe, LendEDU knows where to go. We have a study that identifies 500 cities that are top in the U.S. for coffee lovers.

Reviewing the Top 10 Cities for Coffee Lovers

According to our list, there are 10 cities that offer the best options for coffee lovers. We took the number of coffee shops in town and divided that number by the population. Not only do you get a list of places where coffee can be found in abundance, but you also get places where you don’t have to wait in line quite as long.

Here are the top 10 places in the U.S. for coffee aficionados, along with their coffee index score:

  1. Sumner, Washington: 102.76
  2. Santa Fe Springs, California: 84.48
  3. Estes Park, Colorado: 77.05
  4. Soldotna, Alaska: 74.21
  5. Rehoboth Beach, Delaware: 72.54
  6. Seaside, Oregon: 69.53
  7. Lahaina, Hawaii: 68.41
  8. Newport, Oregon: 63.79
  9. Mystic, Connecticut: 63.06
  10. Paramus, New Jersey: 59.96

But, even though these are the top places to get your coffee fix, there are plenty of other areas in the United States where the coffee scene is picking up. In fact, you might be surprised at some of the interesting places where you can find a unique atmosphere and a delicious cup (or two) of coffee.

One Place Where the Coffee Scene is Exploding

One of those surprising coffee discoveries includes the coffee scene in and around Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Coffee shops, and small business in general, in Central Pennsylvania are exploding.

There were 12 Pennsylvania cities on our list of top cities for coffee lovers, and when you consider what’s happening around that state’s capital as well as the multitude of small business financing options in Pennsylvania, it might not seem quite so shocking after all.

If you start in downtown Harrisburg, you can find plenty of local coffee shops that are unique and quirky. The areas around Harrisburg also have a great coffee scene. Surrounding areas in Cumberland County, Dauphin County, Lancaster County, and York County all have great coffee shops that anyone can find their way to. In fact, if you’re in Central Pennsylvania, you’re in coffee central.

For anyone looking for the perfect activity in Central PA, it makes sense to start in Harrisburg and enjoy a coffee crawl of the surrounding area. You won’t be disappointed.