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Hello coffee enthusiasts,

Today I would like to discuss a very simple aspect of our business; our vision. gives a nice synopsis of our vision, but I’d like to explain this thought a little further. You see, sometimes it takes businesses years to identify themselves. Sometimes, this identity never even surfaces. It is very important for any business to have a clear vision that they can stick to, and we here at BCB believe that we have found ours.

So what is a “Vision” in the business world? Well, it is the one characteristic of any business that defines what they are. It is the goal that they are trying to achieve, but also the sole identity of the business. A very abstract thought, which often leads to any business being lost on their vision. This confusion can easily lead to inconsistent performance and unrecognizability, which is why we’re very pleased to have found our place in Central PA’s coffee industry.

When it comes to defining BCB’s vision specifically, it is important to start from our beginning. When we first opened Brew Crumberland’s Best back in September of 2014, there was definitely a specific goal in mind. Our purpose was to supply locally sourced coffee, complimented with Laurel’s home-made pastries. The pastries were meant to be the focus of the business, seeing as Laurel’s Pastry Arts degree was something unique that we wanted to share with this wonderful community. Although we always have had a lot of positive feedback from the pastry side of our business, a new, complimentary purpose quickly arose that was undeniable.

In the early stages of Brew Crumberland’s Best, the drive-thru was simply an added amenity. We assumed that our customers would enjoy the option of receiving their delicious menu items faster, but we severely under-estimated the power of the drive-thru. As the early months rolled by, we realized that the drive-thru amenity was quickly morphing into a main attraction. To help aid this, we quickly sat down and re-formatted all of our processes to ensure that we were getting the orders taken care of as fast as possible. This re-formatting included everything from how we prepared our drinks, to the characteristics we searched for when building our staff. By focusing in on our speed, BCB was able to accommodate the business class, which was a market in this area that was virtually un-tapped by any local coffee shops.

Once we found our speed, we really haven’t looked back since. When we were in a position to open a second shop, we chose a location that would be able to play to our strengths perfectly. Choosing the Rossmoyne Business Center for our second location, BCB Rossmoyne, just simply made sense because of the drive-thru accessibility, and the high volume of business professionals in this area.

The beauty of BCB’s vision is that we truly believe we are providing a service that is needed in this area. By being able to cater to anyone that is looking for a shop to come relax, study, socialize, or just unwind, along with individuals who need an efficient place to grab their morning cup of coffee and breakfast on their daily morning commute, we are able to cover a large demographic of people. This allows us to get our products in the most people’s hands as possible, which is really the goal of all of this. We’re so thankful and humbled to be in the position that we’re in, and we’re going to keep working hard everyday to continue offering our products to everyone we possibly can.


Until next time,

-Your CBG

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