Adjusted Holiday Lifestyle – A BCBlog Editorial from the CBG

Hello coffee enthusiasts,

With the holidays shortly upon us, I thought I would use this blog post to outline what it’s like to own a small business during the holiday season. Typically holidays are a time for people to relax and unwind, but that’s definitely not the case for business owners like us. All the way up until the 25th finally arrives, you can count on us to be working even more than our usual, overloaded schedules. You would never hear us complain though, because this truly is the most wonderful time of the year.

I want to start out by explaining what all we do differently during the holiday season. On the surface, it really doesn’t seem that different from our every-day activity, but it really all depends on how much participation we receive from our customers. First off, we always offer some special seasonal drinks and pastries. These limited-time items can be anything between our Egg Nog Lattes to our Peppermint Espresso Bark. The list of holiday menu options is pretty long, but implementing these items isn’t the strenuous part of the holiday season for us. That title is reserved exclusively for the Holiday Ordering Sheets.

Laurel and I have a serious Love/Hate relationship with our Holiday Ordering Sheets. Starting with the bad news, since everyone always insists on receiving that first for some reason, the ordering sheets are truly a mystery. It’s like a fun surprise present every time we receive one because we have no idea what the customer will want. Sometimes it’s just something easy like one of our Pecan Pies, and other times it’s something not-so-easy like 17 assorted holiday boxes containing 9 specialty pastry items and a dozen cookies each (yes, this is an actual example of an order we’re working on filling out literally as I’m typing this.) That truly is the bad news of the ordering sheets because it’s so difficult to prepare based off of how erratic the orders can be.

Now to the good news, and there’s plenty of it to outweigh the bad. It’s as simple as this, our main goal of owning this business is to provide everything we have to offer to this lovely community of ours. When you consider the fact that people are coming to us to take on the responsibly of supplying dessert for their holidays, well that alone is rewarding enough to make all of the late nights worth-while. Putting the extra profits and exposure aside, just knowing that we’re making our customers holidays a little easier is truly why this is our favorite time of the year.

With all of that being said, I hope you guys have a better understanding of how the holidays work for us here at BCB. We will be accepting Holiday Ordering Sheets up until Friday, December 22nd, so feel free to stop in either shop to fill one out. A big thank you to everyone who is making this holiday season so wonderful for us already, and I want to wish you all the happiest of holidays since my next post will be dated in the new year. A scary thought, but we all can’t wait to see what 2018 has to hold for BCB.

Until next time,

-Your CBG

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