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Supporting Local – BCBlog Editorial from the CBG

Hello coffee enthusiasts, With “Small Business Saturday” quickly approaching, I’d like to use this blog post to discuss what it means to support local. The concept of supporting local businesses has drastically changed over the past few years from a nice thing people did when it was convenient, to a complete lifestyle choice. As the [...]

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The BCB Vision, Why We Do What We Do – BCBlog Editorial from the CBG

Hello coffee enthusiasts, Today I would like to discuss a very simple aspect of our business; our vision. BCBCoffee.com gives a nice synopsis of our vision, but I’d like to explain this thought a little further. You see, sometimes it takes businesses years to identify themselves. Sometimes, this identity never even surfaces. It is very [...]

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Reluctantly Complimentary, Social Media & the Coffee Industry – BCBlog Editorial from the CBG

Hello Coffee Enthusiasts, Today I would like to talk about the effects of social media in the coffee world. It’s no secret that any social media outlet is a great way for small businesses to connect to their customer base, but what commonly goes unnoticed is how easily that concept can go south. We here [...]

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New Cumberland Apple Festival – BCBlog Editorial from the CBG

Hello coffee enthusiasts, Can anyone believe October is just four short days away? I don’t know about all of you, but I feel like I was just unpacking our Green Mint syrup shipment to prepare for the inevitable Thin Mint Mocha rush for St. Patrick’s Day. Now that I mention it, I would be extremely [...]

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Live Music, Coffee and Art – BCBlog Editorial from the CBG

Hello coffee enthusiasts, For this entry, I want to talk about the influence of music on BCB. Let me start off by stating that coffee, music, and art all go hand-in-hand. There are a lot of similarities between all three facets of expression, and music is a very important part of the coffee scene. Whether [...]

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Welcome to the BCBlog

Welcome, coffee enthusiasts! My name is Wade, and I’m Co-Owner/Chief Business Guy of BCB Enterprises. I personally want to welcome everyone to the BCBlog. As the pioneer post for our new bi-monthly blog, I thought this first entry would be a perfect opportunity to give a brief synopsis of what this blog is going to [...]

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Web Site Debut – New BCB Enterprises Site Launch – 09.27.2017

Be sure to visit our new web site to see the latest news and information about BCB Enterprises. We'll post information about our specials and upcoming events, our locations in New Cumberland (1903 Bridge Street) and Mechanicsburg (Rossmoyne Business Center); we'll tell you about special seasonal menu items available in-house or to-go; and you'll have [...]

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